Random questions and answers about me

(mostly from my twitter followers so thank you for your time and effort)

What is my favourite colour? Purple.

Chocolate or wine? Wine every time, but only red…I loooove red wine.

Pump action shot gun or machine gun? I think I would have to go with pump action shot gun.

How many flumps (marshmellows) can I fit into my mouth? None I hate them…blerugh!

5 favourite films? Mr and Mr’s Smith, Amelie, Pretty Woman (don’t judge me), Star Wars (all of them, you can buy them in a box et so I guess that counts – right?), The Matrix.

Best meal for a Friday night? By the time Friday comes around I am so knackered after a usually very intense week that it is ANYTHING that someone else cooks but I do prefer it to be low fat and have lots of vegetables in mmm veg nom nom nom.

Which celeb would I sleep with? I am not really sure. Most famous people that I meet (if ever I do) tend to be either very wrapped up in themselves or dull as fuck. So if it’s ok with you I will stick to non celebs thanks.

Which brand of toothpaste do I use? Anything sensitive. I can get very sensitive teeth from eating too many oranges but no particular brand.

Favourite food? Lasagne or Italian.

Favourite drink? I like red wine, and real ale and gin and vodka. Please don’t make me choose I love them all equally.

Favourite destination? I love London but I love coming home too as I get very homesick.

Measurements? 5’6”, 7 feet (I am a complete shoe whore by the way) and as for the rest…well I have to leave something to your imagination.

Guinness or Caffrey’s? Caffrey’s every time.

Which band Brotherhood of Man or Bucks Fizz? It would have to be Bucks Fizz because I remember them winning the Eurovision song Contest when I was tiny and I thought that they were cool and I loved the girls removable skirts.

Can I knit? Yes and very badly but I did one knit my moth in law a blanket – shame I was intending to knit a scarf.

Favourite biscuit? It has to be McVitties plain chocolate digestive.

Who would I be in the band Girls Aloud? Kimberly Walsh because I love her figure.

Big cats or small dogs? Big cats, I can’t abide little dogs.

What makes me weird? Many things. I clean the bathroom with no clothes on as I ALWAYS get bleach on my clothes and ruin them. I will take on any idea regardless of how ridiculous it may seem until it proves itself to be either workable or useless, so this means I tend to come up with some whacky ideas which is great at work. I love silly hats.

What annoys me the most? Bad manners and people being mean to others in a less powerful position than themselves.

What annoying trait do you have? I have many annoying traits, so many to choose from. I am very obsessional and will work my arse off to complete projects. I have loads of energy and am very enthusiastic which can be very wearing. My mind is always going at a million miles an hour which makes taking to me a bit of a challenge at times.

If I had a super power what would it be? I would love to be able to fly!

What is my inspiration? Tough one! I would like to and try to and aspire to making this world a little bit better after I leave it then when I arrived.

How did I get into writing? Well, I was pretty rubbish at school but did well when I was at university studying for my nursing. I wrote an essay which they encouraged me to get published in a national nursing journal and I went on from there. I have been published nationally in nursing journals over 15 times (I have lost count how many times) and I enjoy writing.  I wrote my book because there was no other book like that out there for young women who have got breast cancer or their families.

How did I get into radio? By accident. I asked a PR company to help me promote my book and at a party I met Stephen Lambert who had also written a book, he then approached me and asked if I wanted to work in association with EGH Media (his company) on an internet radio show.  They have allowed me to do whatever I want, as you can see from the varied shows I do.

What books do I read? Mostly Terry Pratchett as I find that I have difficulty sleeping if I get too excited about a book (I have read his entire collection a million times over) and I only tend to read in bed.

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